The year of the ……

Oh,Georgie and Izzy …thanks, I love hearing tales of Rosie , fummy to think of her with her cynical critics hat on. Whats freaking me out at the moment are the ads for ‘The lovely Bones’. I remember back in 2003 ,our fab holiday to San Clemente, California.Rosie couldn’t put that book down , she loved it , then , on her recomendation I read it . The irony is , its about a teenage girl that dies ( she’s murdered) and she then observes her family- now I can’t even bear to look at the billboards.

We have just ( accidentally) celebrated Chinese New Year- . We managed to avoid midnight on the 31st Dec and then tonight , for the first time in years go up to Chinatown for dinner.Anyone know what year it is ?

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