Then there was the football..the skipping…the sundowners

Little Johnny is 57 today ,so we are celebrating in style at our old riverside haunt – Hurley .

We are taking our new BF – the Lean Green Mean Machine , the memory foam mattress ( takes up half the storage space but is great for our backs ) the scrabble, the bbq ,the portipotti , the beers etc etc .Not sure if is possible to play rounders with two people , so it might have to be boules .

We have such happy memories of that place- esp Rosie and Helen at third base , not watching the rounders game , and just as Mathew Kyle hit a six and ran like crazy to get a rounder, were no-where to be seen as they were sitting down having a chat as some-one threw them the ball at them to get him out ( either that or they’d returned to the picnic to get more scooby-snacks )

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