There are 36 eggs in a tray -Part II

24 – A mystery Bag delivered to your door ( she promises it is NOT the brown squidgey thing deposited in the swimming pool she was life-guarding in yesterday ) – Nikki Burland .

25.The ultimate chocolate brownie – enough to feed a small army -Natalie Clarke.

26.A hearty meal for 4- a beef casserole or shepherds pie, delivered to your door – Michael Clarke.

27. Write your CV , one to one consultation and advice ,by an expert-Kate Morgan.

and finally……

28. A guided tour around London, the city that Rosie loved, ending with drinks and food in a hostelry with your tour guide- Sarah Clarke.

Last night was fantastic .Thank you to everyone for their huge generosity and to Richard for being such a maginificent auctioneer, to Andy for telling us about the work of Ace and The Southend Academy and to Claire and Bob for lifting,carrying,helping get things ready and for doing the BBQ.

We ate, drank, laughed ,cried ( that’s probably just me ) ,bidded ( not bedded ) and danced til 1am.

Rosie would have been proud

PS – John and I will sit down together at the weekend and type up who got what and then email the satisfied customers .

Happy Birthday to Johnnie- 55 today xxxxx

7 Replies to “There are 36 eggs in a tray -Part II”

  1. Happy Birthday John xxx
    A great evening,I’m picking up our delicious tray of cupcakes from Kate tomorrow. I’ve worked out that if the E2 is held up in traffic then I can eat 4 before I get home….
    We have some monopoly money here -I didn’t know that you could use it instead of real money.Will use it in Waitrose tomorrow. I’ve never had a £500 note in my purse before.Do you think they’ll take 4 houses and a hotel as well?

  2. oh no, i got my timing wrong! are there any auction items left over??
    I’m offering another item – a week at out little beach cottage on the Coromandel (suggest you google it); sorry, airfares not included 😉 so anybody thinking of coming to NZ , do it!

  3. Well done Dwyers! Great food, fun entertainment and good company! Not a good move to bid for 36 eggs when you’re going away, but hey, we’re very popular with our neighbours!!

  4. Gutted I missed it, it sounds like it was a great evening, such a good idea! Thanks for the email keeping me in the loop afterwards too! Sounds like the sort of thing Rosie would have loved. xxx

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