There were 14 of us ,when there is normally 8.

How wrong was I ?

Yesterday was scorching – so much so we had to cart the table to the end of the garden ,so we could all sit ( virtually in the bushes ) in the shade …bliss .We even planned a camper van weekend away – even though John and I are the only ones with an Emerald ( or similar ).

Then Soupy today was calm .
There were loads of us on the team which meant I could do what i like doing best ,sit and talk to the guests .Their stories ,loneliness and addictions break your heart .Many are not really bothered about the food ,just want some company . So at the end I talked in length to James . He spends his days walking .From Ealing Soup Kitchen ,he walks to the river and onto Putney .He then crosses The Thames and walks back to another late night Soup kitchen in Richmond .He gets home around midnight . A couple of months ago ,I told him about Marc .Today ,he told me ,every-time he walks by the river in Putney , he says a prayer for Marc .Sometimes the grace and thoughtfulness of others ,sweeps me right off my feet.

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