There were only 2 teams

I don’t really get why my team couldn’t get my mimed clue for ‘doner kebab’, . After all I was twisting round ,pretending to carve and acting out sprinkling on the chilli-salt. I guess it didn’t help I was under a pink sheet ,with not even my hands on show .

Florence has added a new fourth ‘ put a sheet over your head and only use your hand to get a name/place/food or drink/book or film out of the bowl ’round to ‘The Bowl Game’ …The success rate was pants .Our team came second overall

Unlike the ’round the table ,winner chooses an added dimension to the next round while John rigs up better lights than Wembley Stadium and Jacob wins nearly every round’ table-tennis game .

Ryan’s added dimension was the best- Unless actually hitting the ball ,you had to sing and dance to Elton John’s ‘I’m still Standing’ , while moving round the table BUT if you clapped you were sent to the Sin Bin ( Arnold’s bench )

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