There’s a reason I shouldn’t have worn it

Yesterday, while Jacob,Florence,Holly,Izzi,Nikki,Ryan and Stu got the boat over to a little island and fondued in Amsterdam,John and I went for a bracing walk in Burnham Beeches and the to Richard and Sarah’s for supper.

But today hasn’t been brilliant . I don’t wear jewellery .It is not wise in my job and it’s not really my thing .But when Mother died ,I took off her gold chain and her pearls and put them on .After three days and two showers , the pearls disintegrated.I realised then they were the ones she got out of her last years Christmas cracker ! I kept the chain on .I like it ,I would touch it and think of her and Jane and Rosie .Silly I know but sometimes it grounded me .Then today ,one of my students ripped it off from around my neck . But I managed to hold in the tears – it wasn’t easy.I don’t like to cry at work , and after all it’s only a chain . So tonights’ soup-kitchen-Christmas-party-planning’ meeting in the Rose and Crown , will be a welcome distraction

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  1. Oh no, Rachel, I get why that’s upsetting; jewellery is so personal and wearing something of your mum’s is special – it’s like carrying her with you. xxx

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