There’s no business like….

Sadly Nat , I’ve seen it 3 times. Once with Grandma,Grandpa, Jane and John ,.Then with Mairi,Emma and Christine Clarke ( that woman is fantastic to go to the theatre with – without even noticing she ordered champagne and reserved seats in the bar for the interval – we’d already had several pre-show cocktails and a bottle of fizz at home – so I don’t actually remember seeing the show on that occasion ) , Then with John, Rosie and Flo.( ES half price tickets ) Not satisfied with that , one rainy winter afternoon , I dragged Rosie into the cinema to see it with me – she loved it ,BUT The Phantom was far too sexy ( he’s meant to be creepy with half his face missing )- where’s Michael Crawford when you need him ?

Combining 2 of my greatest loves , I have an idea- Sir Alan should get the 2 teams to stage manage a musical – that should sort the wheat from the chaff.

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  1. I’ve never seen ‘Phantom’ or ‘Les Mis’ or’Blood Brothers’ or ‘Wicked’–there’s a theme buiding up here.Or ‘The Mousetrap’ but I think I know who did it….I’ve never eaten a Walnut Whip but have compensated with 3762 creme eggs. I’ve never been camping in France and I really don’t like swimming underwater…or swimming in general (contact lenses)….crikey…where’s that couch?…..

  2. The cinema version with Gerard Butler as the Phantom is the one I have on DVD- yeah he was a far better choice than Raoul (who looked like a girl) so there are a lot of confusions as to why she wouldn’t choose him…If Andrew Lloyd Webber played the Phantom well that would be a different story xxx

  3. didnt the film version have that page3/brookside actress/glamour model in it?! I remember thinking how odd it was!

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