There’s no dam answers and as for the word ‘fair’ ,don’t even go there

This is part of yesterday’s little message John and I received from Prince William in his capacity of Royal Patron of Child Bereavement UK (along with a few snaps of him and Kate visiting the place where we continue to have counselling)

“Dealing with the death of a child,or – for a child- the death of a parent, brother or sister is an event that is so profoundly shocking,so beyond the ordinary in its crashing finality and irreversibility,that it can overwhelm every fibre of the bereaved .In short ,it is probably the worst thing that can happen to anyone. “

He’s one of the most prominent figures in this country and yet he also knows deeps pain and is not afraid to talk about it .Hats off to him .

Yesterday’s family section of The Guardian -unbelievably sad and beautifully written . I’ve ordered the book ‘5,742 days: A Mother’s Journey through loss’ by Ann Marie Cockburn

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  1. Tread with caution as you read The Guardian’s sport section .it also covers a tragic story .Thinking of you at this difficult time of yaer XXXXX

  2. Thanks Gill .Funnily enough I actually read the sports section- I think as the story was flagged up on the main front page .I hope the awareness of concussion in rugby matches becomes an awareness to those concerned with it .It must be terrible for the parents knowing their son’s death could have been prevented.

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