They are John f Kennedy,Magna Carta and the Air Forces

I hate to go on…but twice in a month Guardian Weekend Mag Q&A

You know the score ..

Q : What is your greatest fear ?

A: Candi Staton…..”losing my vocal chords or one of my children”

A: David Baddiel…”Injury ,or worse, to my children ”

Confirmation for me that it is Ok to feel as wretched as I do (at times) and that I am not going mad .

Continued shock that so many people ignore or do not acknowledge this enormous pain ..or maybe they have just forgotten .

So again and in fear of going on ..thanks to all who do remember and talk and support and protect and include ….and all the other stuff that is just too tricky to put into words .

Emerald is off the naughty step and is being taken to Runnymede .You can’t beat a good old picnic, a view of the river and 3 memorials !

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