They didn’t really wear lycra

Last night was lovely. The ‘Ace Cycle Kenya Team’, Jeremy, Charlie,Henry John and Jacob were reunited at 106 – They all wore lycra and bought along their photos and videos- mainly of Kenya, although they were a few dubious ones ! Also joining us round the table for drinks and supper were Ali, Andy ( Ace trustee ) and Sam (Ace’s UK director ). If you have a minute please go onto Youtube and type in ‘Hank and Chuck do Kenya’. We watched all of their videos last night and they are brilliant. The bits of The Children of The Southend Academy in Rosie’s Artroom are from Jacob’s video ( which poor Bert is still trying to get on this website.). Every time I see her room and those children I am moved beyond words .Those kids, Rosie, us , you, what’s it all about ?

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  1. It was so moving watching the bit in the classroom – it brought me out in goose bumps. I loved the song and I longed for Pamela to be here and to share the video. It’s an amazing tribute to Rosie.

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