they want top soil

Jacob has returned to Burma for arts week ( no don’t panic its not part of his course – although he did get near the uni when we trundled past in on the bus last Fri ) and then him and Susie are travelling to Cappadocia, which is a coincidence as we were talking about Grandmas cappacinos ( maybe thats where they originated from ) in the heart of Turkey. ( they come fom Sainsburies – but NOT their own make- too lumpy , only Nescafe sweetened will do )

No work today and so we did ‘The Richmond Loop’ – 65 bus, coffee in Hollyhocks cafe just in front of Mick jaggers House, big walk around Richmond park, down to Petersham Nurseries for coffee and polenta and almond cake ( we’re very cosmopolitan in the south ), spotted richard E. Grant .Then back on the 65 bus with about 200 screaming school kids – tried to outdo their noise levels – suceeded.. Sat on the top deck and so could see into the eco commune by kew bridge – anyone been there ( and please don’t suggest it as a good place to take grandma to lunch ) ?

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