They were wrining with sweat at the end of it

You know those really naff artificial individual roses , wrapped in cellophane , with a matching ribbon round the stem ? I was given one this afternoon .One of the gentlemen at the soup kitchen gave it to me .Apart from being sticky,purple and smelling of gin ( No be proud of me , I restrained myself from putting a double entendre in there ), it is very pretty and I am very proud .No-ones ever given me one before.

OMG , we went to see the most fabulous piece of theatre last night ‘CompagnieXY-Le Grand C’. It is circusfest season at the Roundhouse and we saw this amazing French circus company. What they didn’t do with each others bodies wasn’t worth doing .Imagine 4 people on each others shoulders back flipping onto another stack of people.It was beautiful, funny, death defying and just dam breathtaking.

At school I avoided gym like the plague . I remember a time the PE teacher Miss Johnston ( yes you’ve guessed it butch, single and rejected from the army ) asked Sarah K. and I to carry out ‘The Box’ in sections, and then put it together. We did exactly as she said , except before we put that top layer which is covered in brown suede,on , we got in it , and watched the whole PE lesson from the inside of the box, peering out of the holes where you put your hands ,at the end of each layer !

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  1. Oooo…I loved PE. I can still bend and put the palms of my hands flat on the floor with straight legs—can’t move again afterwards though. I did hate the hugh green knickers and the german female teacher ‘cum on girlz,getz se equivephment out quivkly, faszter, faszter!’ and she used to dribble alot….

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