Thick snow here…will jacob’s flight be cancelled tomo ? I hope not.

I like to think I’m not normally one to brag , but when you and your friend Rose ( aged 87 and on oxygen ), score highest in The Karaoke, I think its time it break with tradition . We scored a whopping 92 points for our rendition of ‘tie a yellow ribbon’ even when we repeatedly hummed ‘interlude'( cos it came up on screen ) in the musical bit in the middle. Grandmama flew solo and didn’t bother with the screen ( mainly cos she can’t see it and can barely hear the music ) and belted out ‘when your smiling ‘ And the hardcore left standing ( but mostly sitting )at 8pm got in a line ,alternating wheelchair bound and those able to stand ,and crucified YMCA, followed by ‘Your never walk alone’.

No I’m not talking about a Friday night at the Broadway Boulevard , but The Uplands Christmas party.The entertainer cried off cos of the snow ( wimp ) and so the wonderful Activities organiser,Patricia , wheeled out the tried and trusted Karaoke screen.The bar was open 4-8pm, the spread was amazing and there were only 3 huge hamper prizes for the raffle and no-one had a clue what was going on – my idea of heaven.

Oh for all you Ealingites, have you coffeed at Papillion , on Northfields Ave? I’ve avoided it on other days cos its full of yummy mummies , but today i had to pop into the craft shop opposite which was closing down and the lovely owner gave me loads of stuff for St Anns.-, and so met my friend Fiona in there for coffee. apart from being like a skating rink ( big mistake that shiny white tiled floor ) in there, the cakes are amazing and all cooked on the premises.

Richard and Sarah dining here tonight.

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