Things in my head- in no particular order

The election

I think I was served by The Chinese Visa Office’s equivalent to Angela in ‘The Job Lot’ – but without the hair-slides and the Brummy accent. I was scared .

I saw Tower Bridge open- beautiful

LOVED the Sonia Delaunay exhibition .Not so keen on the work of Marlene Dumas , but took a bigger interest than I normally would as Jacob heard her speak at De Ateliers.

Read about 2 amazing American millionaires, Christopher and Regina Catrambone ,who are spending their money to pluck migrants from the sea off the coast of Malta and Italy .

Thought about Dr Ayman Mostafa whose wife,Fatima, and 3 year old daughter ,Joud, who both drowned after their overcrowded boat was fired on by militiamen and capsized on the way from Libya to Europe . He talks of a simple thing – switching on his mobile phone to search for a document and says he skims the pages at speed so he does not have to see a picture of Fatima and Joud. ”It would be like looking at the sun” he said ”it would burn my eyes.I should delete them but I can’t bear to.”
I agree, looking at photos of Rosie is never easy .I almost have to brace myself . The worst thing is when someone ( meaning kindly ) thrusts a photo in your face .It almost winds me . And that is because i love her so much .

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