This day in 1956, a lovely , kind ,funny,gentle boy was born.

Calamity J is 54 years old today . We have just been getting all emotional over a coat- hanger. John has a lovely solid wooden coat hanger which he keeps in the right hand side of his wardrobe. It has the number 65 burnt onto the top of if. His dad,Patsy, did this for him when he went off to boarding school in 1965, as that was his school role number. I think that’s lovely.

When Jacob and Flo wake up we’ll do something nice.

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  1. John’s birthday always makes me think of Hurley-massive picnic, going in the river, HUGE game of rounders (inevitably rosie me and helen not looking at the game and missing what could have been the big catch of the day!) Such good times.
    Happy birthday to Johnny D/Pink T! Big question: which pastel polo is he wearing today? Its gotta be pink for a birthday xxxx

  2. The pink and blue ones are on the line , so he’s gone for a camel coloured long sleeved ( can’t take any chances ) one. The 4 for us picnic’d , frisbeed and strolled in Kew Gardens.His bday present was a HUGE surpise , I’d arranged with C4 to start the new series of Coach Trip today at 5.30.
    God how I wish we could turn back time to those happy Hurley days

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