This is all true.

Well last night was a first…in my 51years of going to friends for supper ,we were given a questionaire. These are the questions and my answers are in brackets .- this is NOT made up ….1) State of the house ? ( would have preffered glass in the toilet door window – too much of a sensory experiece for everyone else in the house ). 2) Hostess’s hairstyle ? ( Didn’t know the beehive was back in fashion ). 3) Hostess’s outfit ? ( not sure the skirt and pop sox is such a good look ). 4. Starter ( absolutely bloody brilliant , top score , loved the griddled courgettes, peppers , mint and feta salad- we’ll be back ). 5) main course ? (- not as good as the starter). 6) pudding ? ( loved the hot choc sauce – real comfort food – pity hostess ate 2/3 of it.) 7) card game ( was Ok til round 3 when John didn’t put a foot wrong and swept the board .BUT did like playing with MY brand new’English Heritage Stately Homes ‘card pack that I bought in Woodbridge tourist information Office – which indicates what a sad life I have as I get so excited about such a purchase ). 8) Husband’s conversation ( better than Hostess’s )

Then today…………… we had a scarey moment .We were walking ‘The Thame river Walk’ with Ali and Andy , who now live in Thame .Delilah was behaving herself, when all of a sudden a huge herd of steer came bounding across the field and we all had to leap back over the stile and make a massive detour. across 3 of Farmer Giles’s newly planted fields. We were so traumatised we had to come back and have a huge cream tea.

Points to note – I made the starter. Delilah is a dog.

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  1. I think I’ve read that 2nd paragraph before in ‘Famous Five Go Off To Thame’ with Julian(Andy),Anne(Ali),Dick(John),George(Rachel) and Timmy(Delilah). Suppose you had lashings of ginger beer as well….Grrrr….hope you sorted out those bounders who came into town with the travelling circus…

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