This is more Rosie than I can ever describe

Yesterday Georgina put this on Facebook ,Jacob showed it to me and I LOVED it .
So with Georgina’s permission , I am posting it here .

12 November 2005, a MySpace message from Rosie to me after I told her that I had broken up with a boyfriend. A cracker of a message – so funny and so full of love:

“fuck him.. you have the exactly the right sttitude… men.. who needs em pah! he doesnt desevere a person like you anyway and im think he will realise when he stops being a total dickhead… knock the idiot dead! i wish i could have talked to you more today ..i wish i didnt have to rsush off… if u want 2 come round 2mrro or anytime in the week ..come..coz i will ALWAYS be there. u dont need the bastad..hmmmm i think freddies lumbergs in town and looking for your number so…
and im all ready pratising my dirty looks for that annoying fake year 10 er
soon it will get betterlike you said evry cloud has a silver lining and when u want we can go out and u cant paint the town red!
i love you so much
love rosie xxxxxxxxxxxx”

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