This is NOT to show I am a good person .That I am not .I do it for Rosie’s legacy to live on .

Yesterday I had this letter from Caren ,in Kenya .She mentions all of you , so I thought you might like to read it …

Dear Rachel,

I hope you are fine .I am quite well as I struggle to achieve my desired grade ( A ).I was very happy to receive your letter!All my friends who read it told me to say hi to you and your family and friends.Once again I am glad to have you as my sponsor. I always pray very hard that the good lord should always give you all the chances to see the full spring created from your beads of sweat.

My family members were also happy to know your family.My siblings Shialet (13 ) and Eugene (10 ) were very glad to meet John and his friend. I too was happy to meet them.Why don’t you too come and meet us ? I really long for meeting you personally because am really grateful for your huge heart.

I think school is getting better due to the various adjustments that have contributed to our well being. Throughout the term,I have been improving gradually in the exams we have been doing.But what we have in the report card is a reflection of the average of all the CATS we have been doing.I know and believe in next terms report card there will be a great improvement because I know too well that this is not the best I can achieve will put in more efforts and achieve a far better grade than a C+.

In the co-curricular activities,we emerged position 3 countrywide in the music festival competitions .I like singing and dancing. I also like writing articles during my free time .I have written quite a few articles for the class to read during free time .I am always happy and enjoy myself playing handball .I love the game so much and I know it will take me places.

Lastly, my mother told me to pass her warmest regards and gratitude to you when writing this letter .She says she can not figure out how life would be if you had not come into our life.She thanks you so much for your great heart, May God bless you..

Greet the rest of the family and friends .Thank them from me for being part of your life .

I long to seeing them again ,

Yours truly,

Caren Wanjala 25.11.2011.

St Cecilia Girls High School, Misikhu,Kenya

I’m off to Somerset tomrrow , taking some of my students for some taster sssions at Foxes Academy .You might have seen the documentary that was made about it , 5 years ago ( ish ). It looks like it should be a fantastic opportunity .Get googling.

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