This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius

Today I feel all liberated and naked . I’m not actually naked – although it would add another dimension to the Day family BBQ later. We went to see’ Hair ‘last night .It was perfect PDT and a huge trip down memory lane. Jane used to play her LP over and over again , and unlike ‘The sound of Music’ , there was no dominant female lead – so I got to play all the parts ( Ditto for Fiddler on the Roof – yet she always seemed to get the solo in ‘if I was a rich man ‘)

Bert has added a new section on Rosie’s website – ‘Latest news from Kenya’. Click on this and you can see what YOUR money has been spent on. The photos are beautiful , and as I said at Rosie’s funeral – what good can come out of Rosie dying ? For me , the answer is still none. BUT , with your support, love and kindness these lovely kids are getting a chance..

As you all probably know ,Jacob and John are taking part in another fundraiser for Ace. Please please look at their ‘Justgiving’ page and sponsor them anything you can – the words of support are as important as the money. I would like to thank everyone who has sponsored them. I was moved by the donation by Nick Groll , who has never met Rosie or any of us , but saw you lot wearing your T-shirts at the 10 K last year – it moved him very much.

So please do have a look at

and please get clicking for Rosie and the Kids of The Southend Academy

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  1. The new main home page photo on the website really took me back for second… I havn’t seen that photo before and Rosie looks gorgeous! so so beautiful! i miss her so so much xx

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed Hair, I saw the dress rehearsal and the lighting was really messed up and they didn’t get naked; apparently it’s in their contract that the nudity is entirely if they feel like it on the night…did they go commando when you saw them?
    On this musical note, Glee is rather good at the moment…Madonna episode was inspired! x

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