This panto came with a warning *

I had 2 email responses ,both saying how beautiful they thought Carol Ann Duffy ( isn’t she the first female poet laureate? )’s poem’December ‘ is …and both from friends called Stephanie- is that a literary coincidence ?

Have just returned from our Christmas treat from and with Sarah and Richard ‘Sinderfella’- not Sarah’s pet name for Richard , but an adult gay pantomime, the best distraction therapy a grieving parent could ever ask for ( especially when Sarah was pulled on stage to dance with the whole cast ).

* On the programme — this is an adult pantomime and is NOT suitable for children, the faint hearted or persons of a prudish nature ( I think thats next years Christmas trip for Brigstock Manor sorted then )

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  1. sounds hilarious – Rosie would have been in stitches of laughter, once she got going there was no stopping!
    I also loved the poem, beautiful but in a non-corny way

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