This week

Although following the same format, last night couldn’t have been more different than the one before .

It started with drinks , we met new people ,we chatted , Grace was sung by Zachary Boser from St Paul’s Cathedral School , we sat down ,( between a ‘Lady ‘ and a man with the CBE) we were waited on ,we had five courses accompanied by the most amazing wines ( that was different – jugs of juice on Tuesday ) ,carols were sung by Gresham School Choir , we chatted more ,we sang The National Anthem , we toasted the royal family , we listened to a fantastic speech by Ms Wafi Kani, we retired to another room for more drinks and more chat ..and then got the tube home – slightly shell-shocked and amazed at the night we’d just had . It was all quite surreal .

Last night ,I was a guest of my cousin ,Robert ,at The Fishnongers’ Company Livery Dinner .My father,Geoffrey ,was a member of The Livery and Jane became a member by patrimony ,and although in 1997 she got her Freedom of the City of London , she never did get the opportunity to drive her sheep over London bridge.

Did I feel comfortable with it ? I’m not sure .Did I enjoy it ? Yes .Is it like stepping into the dark ages? Yes. Would I go again ? Yes , maybe in another 17 years .Is it like being in another world? Definitely.

But now- today .At noon it is The Celebration of Claire Prosser’s Life at St Paul’s Church .Think of her ,think of her husband,Paul and her daughter ,Ellen .Send them strength, send them love .Some people ask , are you going , will you be OK ? Of course it will be hard and unbelievably sad, but is is not about us ,or even,Rosie, it is about Claire and her family .John and I will be there for them and to say good-bye and tragically ,saying goodbye is very important.

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