Thornton Heaths got talent

All of you out there reading this drivel are thinking we’ve given up on our social life – nothing is the same without Rosie. Well you are right , except for this afternoon , Jacob , Flo and I hit The Brigstock Manor Easter party . We were the youngest there ( yes , even me ) and it had all the ingredients of a ‘proper ‘ party ….Easter bonnets, a buffet, liebfraumilch, a raffle ( we won a choc bunny and a set of glass sundae dishes – why anyone in a residential home would want to win those , is another question ) and best of all ENTERTAINMENT. Yes we were honoured to be entertained by ‘Tony Arnold’. All was going swimmingly, with us swaying ( too much liebfraumilch ? ) and singing along to ‘underneath the arches’ , ‘lambeth walk’ , etc when Tony , launched into ‘knees up mother Brown ‘ …..Grandmamas favourite. You can’t keep an old girl down…….

I know I keep repeating myself , but , Rosie would have loved it . xxx

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  1. Easter bonnets! Were they made out of bright crepe paper,wrapped under the chin with a big bow in the side and little chicks on the brim?-bet Jacob looked fab! I imagine some of the over 80’s could have chucked their plastic knees up in the air themselves. Rosie would have been right in there,frothing her skirts up!!

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