Those eyebrows

Yippee- Yasmina won

Boo Hoo – Margarets leaving _ but heres another tenuous link – – tomorrow I am meeting Lisa, a friend i’ve known since I was 17 (one day I’ll tell you about the camping holiday we went on to France- 5girls aged 18 in a tiny car with 2 catering packs of corned beef ,3 car crashes in a week and a dubious hypnotism and a near expulsion from a Parisian campsite ) and she worked in the same law firm as Margaret.

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  1. Yes – a goood result. How is he going to replace The Eyebrows!!?? Adam – if you didnt know the result you should have known not to look at this blog!Where did all the Claires come from -I dont know any and suddenly there are 3 on this blog

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