Those photos are California, our kitchen and Barcelona

Now to answer your points Calamity J Junior- yes it was a last Rolo..BUT not his – he’d already eaten his whole packet ,in the bar before hand.Then at the interval ,I cracked open my packet , he took hold of them and dished them out , there was an odd number , so I politely(?) insisted I should have the last one .Wish I hadn’t now I’m faced with a 90 minute dental appt and a gap that feels like the Mersey tunnel with an invisible lamb chop stuck in it.

yes James did ask me where Joshua (that was you )was . he brought his guitar and another punter bought along his guitar. towards the end they both started playing , it was lovely . I thought of asking them to strum ”Streets of London” so I could singalong – but then I didn’t think it a sensitive choice !

Changing the subject completely ,this is part of a letter ,Wilberforce, who deals with the bursaries at the Southend Academy, wrote to our friend Andy.i thought you might be interested to read it as a little bit more about the school………………
”Now, children at south end academy range from the age of 4 years to 16 years.Age 4 comprises of those at ECDE ( pre unit) level that runs for 1 year then a child proceeds to Class1( 1st class) in primary level.It takes a child eight years to clear primary education hence for a faster learner by the time he/she sits the final primary examination should be at the Age of 13 years.Then joins secondary at the Age of 14 years .However, due to the poor background surrounding 90 percent of pupils at south end some joined school late and some were dropouts who rejoined after a span of 2- 3 years. AS a result there are some who are at age 14,15 and 16 years.
Finally we are eagerly waiting for John and Jacob.We wish them all the best as they cycle to Bungoma.
Please pass our well wishes and regards to the entire family and other friends of ACE.

All the best.
Wilberforce Simiyu.”

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  1. haha amazing on both accounts. be like two celebrities turning up in Bungoma. Then like 2 celebrities when we come back to england after our video blog becomes the most subscribed thing on the internet!lol already been preparing scripts, anecdotes and jokes. not really.
    cycle to corbridge today and you better believe I’ve downloaded at of rold dahls audio books to listen to on the way as 4 hours on a cycle path can get kinda boring. It is a beautiful route, but the 5th day in a row is a bit tedious.

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