Time to go

It was the summing up of The July 7th bombing inquest yesterday. My friends Hazel and Julie were in court. Their daughters Laura and Jenny were killed on that day. The inquest has been a harrowing 5 months for them. To see Laura and Jenny’s photos in the paper again , opens up my gash , so God knows how they are feeling. When Rosie first died,The Meningitis Trust gave me a ‘buddy’ , Janet , in Sheffield. Her daughter,Rachael, also died suddenly and unexpectedly from this terrible thing. She was a fit ,healthy ( trampolined for Yorkshire ) 17 year old student who also had a part time job in a shop. She died on the 24th July I remember Janet telling me she can’t bear people referring to that date as 24/7.It just sounds so flippant and disrespectful, as if it is too much effort to say the whole date . I know exactly what she means. Sorry to rant, but my head is going a bit crazy …time to get out…and walk…and talk…and be silent….and cry …and see something distracting at the theatre.

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