A huge thank you to everyone who commented ,texted and emailed about The Listening Project.
I found many of your words deeply moving and I appreciate every single one of them .
It was very hard listening to TLP ( even harder looking at that dreadful photo- the 2 mugs were preferable ) . but I’m glad I did it .
When I wobbled ,I thought of Rosie ,and composed myself by reaching out to hold her imaginary hand .
But how do I feel hearing it ?
In love with my family
Proud of all my family
A loathing of my voice ( although I’m yet to find anyone who likes the sound of their own voice when they hear it on tape )

3 Replies to “TLP”

  1. I only saw the mugs-China ones that is. I thought that you and your friend had very similar voices actually. I could have listened to more!

  2. I was amazed to hear you on R4 on Sunday! It was lovely to hear your voice – even though you loathe it. You sound exactly like you did when you were 10!! I’ve been following your brilliant blog over the years, and always find it uplifting/inspiring/hilarious & tragic in equal measure. It’s great to hear you hanging on in there, and being so honest about how you’re feeling. Keep on blogging! xx

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