To be continued

You know there’s a problem when you come out of the theatre ,all chilled ,after seeing a wonderful show, having had a good meal and a bottle of red and are with a friend you love… look at your phone and you have 3 missed calls and a text that says ‘PHONE ME NOW” from John .So I did …and the story goes something like this . At 6pm , Andrezej let Ciro ( London Host Families boss ) in to pick up Hassan’s cases and take them to Franks ( Hassan’s new roomie – as Patrick leaves us tomo and Hassan cannot stay on his own ) house .Ciro also drops Sewit and Arabih ( our new students ) and their luggage off here . At 10pm Hassan arrives back here , having been to Franks ,where there is NO sign of his luggage. Hassan is a little worried as he is flying back to Oslo this morn .So from 11pm to 1.30 am we tried every which way but lose to get in touch with Ciro to locate the missing luggage …which includes passport,tickets and wallet . At 8am this morning ,Stephania ( don’t ask ) gets radio contact .Ciro arrives with said cases .Hassan happy . Hussein arrives ( Hassan’s twin brother ) and John has just taken them to the tube …..phew !

Johns , just come back and found Hassan’s ruck sack on the back seat of the car …………..

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  1. Is this one of those film/theatre fusions?… know,Harrison Ford can’t find his wife and gets the wrong suitcase meanwhile a set of (Shakespeare) twins are washed up on some island and then they all end up marrying each other? Of course the ‘Phone me now’ should really be ‘Phone home’ and John does have a (flying) bicycle……..

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