I hope all goes well in London today and everyone is safe .Personally I cannot look at or read any of the reports on Maggie and don’t believe she warrants a send off at The magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral .

Three years ago I took a group of my students there for a wonderful art workshop in the crypt .The Stewards were lovely and told us the next big thing being planned was Maggie’s Funeral – so no excuses if they get it wrong .The organisation on our day was brilliant .We were allowed to park the mini-bus right next to The Cathedral ,walk round the front ,go down in the lift .They showed us round , let us all try on robes ( no one minded about the dribble ), do brass rubbings ,meet the priests etc etc .We had our own room for lunch . We did the drugs, freshening up etc and then …holy smoke , where’s the lunch ? “You had it “said Daniel, ” I thought you had it says Cassie” , “I haven’t seen ” says moi . So I shot up the Cathedral’s stairs, out the side entrance and there it was – two of those huge blue and white check bags ( that you get from the pound shop ) sitting right where we left them ,on the pavement between Patermoster Square and St Paul’s . Boy , how we laughed when we realised we hadn’t caused a huge security alert ( and had found our lunch ).?

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