Today is John’s Day

Some days are very happy , some days are very hard , but milestones have a tendency be very sad and tricky .

I feel I am meant to be upbeat , joyous , but when your heart is broken ,that takes a lot more effort and cranking up of an inner- self-positive-energy-life-force. Quite frankly ,it is knackering

So the three of us are heading for the hills and setting off for Dorset .

We have Jacob, Rosie and Florence in our heads and hearts and the huge,huge,pile of love we have for them just keeps us agoing and happy .

A very kind and insightful friend sent me this poem .

Today it is for John on his 60th Birthday

“How do you do it?” Said night
“How do you wake up and shine?”
“keep it simple & repeat” said light
“One day at a time.”

Lemm Sissay

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