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I’ve had the same PC login password for years . But recently I’ve had worms . Lots of them ,mainly from people with Hotmail accounts . Anyway , a computorywhizzkidfriend told me I should change my password every month ( not decade ) ,and to check how secure my password is ,to click on …

So I did and the site told me it would take 43 seconds for a hacker to find my password .So I changed it one with lots of %>*”~@:’s in it , and now it’ll take a hacker 600years. Brilliant , if I could only remember the dam thing !

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  1. Well, thats made me think…perhaps I should change mine from the first letters of my daughters’ names…(not really-just in case any of your friends are computer hackers in disguise!!)-but gets you thinking!and yes i do remember those last days at Totley-with great affection. We had the whole world in front of us and no debt behind us-how lucky we were.And whilst i am here,if you ever see someone who looks like me in Glasgow it will be Katy!!She now lives in Helensburgh and goes into Glasgow for a nights out-last saturday we were with her too-great Japanese restaurant you should visit if ever you are up there again.xx

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