Tonight BBC3 ( ?) 9pm

It was like ‘The School of Saatchi ‘ at 106 last night. Eight budding YBA’s, round the table , while I adopted the Nigella role ( actually , it was more a Clarissa Dickson Wright ), knocking up a feast , with spinach , feta and a box of Lindors. Adam, Amy, Anna ,Holly, Joe ,Stu and Tom brought round their pieces for Rosie’s exhibition ( 4 of them still wet – the paintings not the artists ) and they are AMAZING – you are in for a treat, so make sure tomo , when you turn your calenders over / change your socks/ eat your first cheap chocolate from your Smurf advent calender from the 99p shop – make sure you have the 15th,16th and 17th December pencilled in .

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