Sorry , I forgot to mention , Tony did high kicks , wore a boater and sat on my lap for one of his songs. Obviously now there will bw high demand for Tony , so book him quick for your 21st / 60th/ divorce settlement party.

Today was 16 weeks since we said goodbye to Rosie – we miss her more than any words can express. We marked it in true cheesy family style fashion , a picnic , a game of frisbee, a lovely walk ( or trudge as Rosie would have called it ), a game of rounders, left over scooby-snacks, a drinkie or 2 , supper and a quiz. All this ( not the last 3 ) in her woods , with some of her bestest friends. She was with us , in all of our hearts and souls. However much drivel I write, its because of my undying love for her and my desire to keep her in all of our minds.

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