too many I’s and me’s -I’m sorry

I fear this might sound a bit muddled ,so please, bear with me . Today I was reading about Dr, David Servan-Schreiber ,who ,once diagnosed with a terminal malignant brain tumour wrote one last book ‘Not The last Goodbye’. It is thought he wrote the book to give meaning to what was happening to him. At one point he talks about the effect his absence ( due to his death ) will have on his wife and children,and he mentions a soldier from the American Civil War who wrote to his wife before leaving for battle, convinced he would not return…..”And if I don’t ,I hope that every time you feel a breeze on your face, you know I am there………”

I do try to self-monitor my own feelings. I try to be positive and happy ,staving off times of deep sadness and isolation.And there is one thing I am convinced of – that when I am outside ,in places of raw beauty (,with people who protect me and have chosen to stick with me) Rosie is with me .She is the breeze on my face .

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