Top 10

Lorna- tell Becky , we want photos of these 8 babies.

Plus I think the famous people links have filtered into my brain from ‘The Chris Evans Drivetime’ Radio 2 show . Everynight he does the ‘top 10 tenuous’ of someone mildly famous. Ithink the best one I heard was” my Grans nextdoor neighbour works in the office above the vet where ********gets his dog groomed. ”

There you go bloggers , you must have some tenuous links. to a b lister………

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  1. my grandfather was in david attenboroughs class at school, and when she was clearing out his house, my mum found a speech day prize list, it read:  biology, 1st prize peter watson, 2nd prize, david attenborough, so my grandpa beat him to the first prize!

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