Try not to imagine the Zumba dance- could ruin your day

Every day I grieve .

Some days more than others .

Today it is one of those days ,as it is three years since I said good-bye to Grandma .Her death was OK though ,she was old and frail and weary and lovely .I miss her to pieces , I love her so very much.

But oddly ,yesterday was tougher .

I thought more .

Maybe it was because of the anticipation of today

or maybe it was because

1.We discussed Mindful Communication .MC consists of openness, compassion and empathy .I like that .It made me think about how I talk and listen to others

2. At Zumba we danced to my favourite song ‘Jai Ho’ by The Pussycat Dolls .

In the first verse of the chorus we all run forward and raise our hands and the second half we run backwards and bring our hands back down in a circle.No one would have a dam clue that I am singing it to the 4 people I love most in the world

”(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe
(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I still believe
(Jai Ho) You are my destiny
Jai Oh Oh-oh-oh

(Jai Ho) No there is nothing that can stop us
(Jai Ho) Nothing can ever come between us
(Jai Ho) So come and dance with me

Jai Ho!”

It always makes me cry- and then i forget when I’m doing and get it all wrong .

3. Later that evening John and I watched ‘The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief’
It featured 3 members of the public who ,because of all the good stuff they had done ,had been nominated and chosen to dance with on of The Strictly dancers . After the first two…….Heather Parsons who is a hospital volunteer from Southampton and former Royal Marine medic Cassidy Little who lost a leg and was partially blinded in Afghanistan,I was blubbing relentlessly ( like the BBC meant you to ) but then ,once we heard about Dumfries father Michael Pattie who devotes his life to raising money for Meningitis Research after the dreadful disease took the life of his young son `Dave , i couldn’t hold back .This time the tears were the real ones ,for our beautiful .Rosie .

4. Heard David Gray’s ‘Snow in Vegas’ .Thought of Rosie in a different ,open my gash,sort of way

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