two days later

Lots to write ,but my head hurts too much to type it . I blame that extra shot of coffee late in the evening – nothing to do with the classy cocs, red,white and pink stuff, gluhwein , espresso martinis and something Irish with an icecube in it ( i guess it could have been the icecube ).

Thanks to Rosie’s friends for coming round and exceeding all expectations of our ‘Post Brexit Apocalyptic’ buffet , known affectionately as BAPS .

It was all there- mixed ‘leaves’ , mushroom stroganoff in Yorkshire puds ,French quiche, Italian salad, cadburys Chocolate bread and butter pud ,Pierogi, Amaretto and cherry trifle, German sausage, Marmite mac n’cheese , a cheeseboard to end all cheese boards ,each cheese identified by a little flag bearing their benefactor’s photo- Boris,Nige,Theresa,Angela,Marine etc etc and a table decoration fit for a fascist convention of the local Eastern European ‘leave ‘ party ( I know-odd). In the local Kujawiak Sklep, cans of ‘Brexit’ energy drink were found ( think Red Bull with a logo designed in the same font as X Factor ) ……so adorned with fake gold ivy and Ikea night-lights and placed in the middle of the table,the scene was set for a night of being with Rosie and being together .

Things I’ve learnt –

I can’t lie

People shout a lot when they play Mafia

The bowl game can wait

Things I knew already

Rosie has lovely lovely friends and the best brother and sister in the world

Thank you to everyone who sent flowers, cards, donations, food ,drink,candles, texts whatapps – they ALL mean a lot

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