up with the lark

Been up for ages**, my head is going crazy, done all the domestics and the pool doesn’t open til 7. ……now there’s a new project for John. How many metres do you reckon we’d get in our garden – 4max ?

Anyone know a really really good short book ?

** I can’t even blame the chickens – ask Flo.

3 Replies to “up with the lark”

  1. Why don’t you build an ox bow lake?(tee hee,I knew that term would come in handy one day). Well done Jacob. Can I have that free piece of artwork now that would cost me a lot of money if I were to buy it in 5 years time when you’re very famous?

  2. Fantastic news Jacob, well done! Rachel, I recommend ‘On Chesil Beach’ by Ian McEwan, only about 90 pages but vividly described and poignant…really enjoyed it x

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