Thank you to Jacob and Florence for an amazing Lithuanian adventure and for keeping me upright in minus 14 temperatures with thick snow, covering sheet-ice underfoot . I have a huge fear of breaking bones .Grandma broke practically every bone in her body and it was always an effort to bounce back , which she did – but never as high . I don’t even want to attempt to bounce , just stay vertical . I am a weedy cautious wimp in those conditions – sorry .

Anyway back to Vilnius – I loved it , loved it ,loved it .

It is small and spotless and cheaper than London , and it has snow and beautiful buildings and huge Negronis for 6 Euros and dumplings and the River Neris and Russian Orthodox churches and Dimitri and Georgian/Russian/Lithuanian food and the best bar I have been to in years ,Spunka ( I jest not ) in the republic of Uzupio , which sells the strongest IPA I have ever drunk and hunks of cheese and garlic bread for 4 Euros and the most beautiful walk through the hilly pine forest from The Tys Kryziai( The Three Crosses ) …

…….and of course ‘Rupert’ where Jacob is doing his residency .Stunningly beautiful , both the studio space and the outlook ( snow, river , pine forest – you get the picture ) what a fabulous space to create in .I am very very happy for him and very very proud of him.

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  1. Dimitri managed the letting of our apartment – which was huge , spotless ,hot and central
    ..the apartment,not Dimitri !

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