Waiter waiter , theres a ……..

Twenty eight weeks since we said goodbye to Rosie and she would Phaaaaaaah at what we did today . I helped out at St Paul’s SEN group, but we had no punters and so after helping out with the mainstream under 11’s group for about 20mins , Ruth ( my leader ) and i thought ‘sod this for a game of soldiers’ and shot off to Rococco on Northfields Ave for a cappacino and breakfast – her treat . So I’m owing , lets see what hapens on the first Sunday of next month . Meanwhile Jacob and Flo were off , at the Chiswick car boot sale , buying yet more family heirlooms ( trash ) to fill Dwyer Towers.

Then John and I put our pinnys on and helped out at The Ealing soup kitchen. We were both front of house. Basil and Sybil eat your hearts out.

We had a surprise visit from a healthy gorgeous Helbel , who landed from Guatamalapanamabelizemexicohonduras airport at 5am. It was lovely to see her and she gave me a beautiful pendant with 9th december birth sign on it. Just as she left in came Izzy to divvy up more Tshirts – so you will be getting yours soon . And Helenka, I’ve given one to Georgie for you.

EVERYONE else shout if you want one .

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  1. I WANT ONE! allthough my participation in the run is a bit shaky as someone in the 10k has forgotten to send me my startpack and the only way of official contact is an old fashioned address, no email or phonenumber, very 2009, not! So does anyone know someone who knows someone who’s aunt works for the 10K???

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