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I know its sad when you feel the need to go on a PC on hols …but I wanted to check my emails …so I’m sitting at carolines table on her computer ,having just followed richard curtis up the road ,listening to him planning his next blockbuster ,while speaking very loudly ( and poshly)0 on his mobile phone.

Anyway just a couple of things .1. Bert has refreshed and spookily and beautifully put on the photo of Rosie,Florence and I on Southwold pier-where we have walked to twice this week.2.please look on ‘latest news from kenya’ as bert has added Augustines letter and some photos of an art exhibition at the Southend academy. 3. Flo has won the crabbing and the monopoly,me the boules, Jacob ,the contract and John has cycled miles and miles.4.Matthew,Caroline have swum every morning and ..this place is still as beautiful as ever and is filled with happy happy memories of jane and Rosie.

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