We can sing .We can shine

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and we all know it anyway , but singing is good .

I always sing to some-one .Nine times out of ten it is Rosie , sometimes it is in the hope there is some supernatural being is listening , sometimes it is just to calm my anxious brain , sometimes it is to be part of something .

There is only one song I cannot bear listening to and that is Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love ” – and you know why …..When I hear it all I hear is Rosie’s distraught voice .It kills me

So this weekend has been a singing frenzy

After Mandy and I walked the Thames Path from Goring to Pangbourne , we went into the tiny Whitchurch village church , St Mary the Virgin , had a look around and then picked up a hymn book each . At first we did ‘let the page fall open ‘ and sing the hymn on that page , but because we’d never heard of most them , we went with , lets belt the ones we used to sing at school . I could never really understand why in South London we had to sing ‘For those in Peril on the Sea ‘ – half my class hadn’t even been to Brighton – but we belted it out in Whitchurch .

Then last night I went to see my friend Chris sing in his choir – The Pink Singers . Every concert they do is better than the last . It was extra special last night as Chris arranged and conducted a huge chunk of the numbers .I felt like a proud parent .They finished with a tribute to Micro Rainbow International’s Interfaith Choir , again another one I can’t join as I’m not LGBT , a refugee or an asylum seeker and then sang 2 really uplifting songs- The Russian Eurovision 2015 entry ‘A Million Voices ‘ ( probably not one of Putin’s Desert Island Discs ) and Sia’s Chandelier .
We all left happy and relieved that we do not live in one of the 6 countries in the world, where to be LGBT carries the death penalty .

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