We did go

We went to see Justin Welby speak last night – and very well he did too.

He is funny, articulate, engaging ,and honest .

He spoke of his relationship with the press, the shock news that the man he thought to be his father – isn’t, his families’ problems with mental illness, his daughter’s depression and of course, his faith .

The main gist of his speech was when you are caught in a storm , where is the best place to be ? Not trying to get out of the storm ,but in the thick of it ,in a boat -with Jesus. That is fine if you believe in Jesus .Sadly, I don’t .

Afterwards we spoke to him and he is really lovely . I told him of one of my ‘bibles’, ‘Religion for Atheists ‘ by Alain de Bottom , and although he had heard of it ,he hadn’t read it , and so now, I am going to send him a copy

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