We even got a free panini on the way home

We’ve done all things Dam Dutch .

We’ve eaten the apple pie , tiptoed through the tulips – all 8 million of them in Keukenhof gardens, climbed a windmill , drunk far too much La Chouffe than is good for you , heard Jacob’s latest exhibition piece- a sound bite, gone back and forth on boats ,trams and foot , been to one of the best museums ever ,Ons’ Lieve heer Op Solder ( Our lord in the Attic ) -https://www.opsolder.nl/, exchanged polite good-evenings with our next-door neighbour ( who had forgotten to put most of her clothes on ) ..

then we said good-bye .

Wishing our lovely ,kind,funny, son a happy 29th year . Both Jacob and Florence will probably never realise the joy they bring us .

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