We even have a new awning ( to keep off the sun ?)

The Lean Green Mean Dream Machine ,or Emerald ,as we shall call her from now on ,is making her inaugural journey to Scotland tomorrow.

We are excited about going to Florence’s Final Exhibition and then ,a week later , her Graduation. I am lucky enough to have a lovely boss,who has let me work some extra days allowing me to take next week off .So between the Glasgow bits ,we are hitting the west coast of Scotland. What we are saving in hotel bills we are spending on food and drink – macaroni cheese pies and Ironbrew- gallons of the stuff .

I am so very very very looking forward to seeing Florence and with have added delights of Izzy and Stu ,closely followed by Jacob , jetting in ,to join in the celebrations ( don’t think we’ll all fit in Emerald though )

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