We had brownies cos they’d sold out of Woopee Pies

As Rosie would put it ,it was ‘crazy cocks’ round at our place last night. After a fam brunch at Bills in Covent Garden , a dash to ‘Outsider tart’ , Chiswick for peanut butter,cookie dough ,white chocolate and cranberry birthday brownies ( cba to make a cake ,too much hedgerow fizz with our birthday brunch ), Nat armed with a bottle fizz and a huge bunch of flowers ,came to supper and when it was safe to do so( i.e. friends had arrived and Mojitos and jugs of Pimms were flowing )John and I left the BB house .We spent the evening with our dear friends Sarah and Richard.It is with great sadness I tell you Sarah’s lovely ,kind,funny ,pretty,Mum, Jose, died last Sunday

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