We ignored the poppyseeds from the stale french stick I zapped into breadcrumbs

Last week ,I mentioned I was awaiting Waitrose’s Staff mag ,’The Chronicle’ .Well it came ,and I read it and I stared at the photos and I wept. The article entitled ‘The Art of Giving ‘is beautiful and we left it with Claire Douglas , the journalist to choose the photos. Rosie is so Rosie in the photo she chose – she’s holding her head and looking natural and lovely and a bit messy and sitting in front of her A’level Shirt piece..If anyone would like a copy of the article , just shout and I’ll get one to you.

I’ve just been on the east Coast Train website booking tickets . I am registered , do have a password and a couple of saved journeys , which for easy booking ,you give a name ..mine are imaginative – 1)Jacob 2) Florence. So imagine my horror when I log on to book , and find my saved journeys are now 1) Poo and 2) Wee .I think my 23 yr old bambino knows my password. The sad thing it made me laugh out loud .

Adam , Flo asked Grandmama what she suggested she made with some of your eggs- Queen of Puddings was her reply . So ,Flo made it and today we took it to Uplands to share . It was amazing – best pud we’ve all had in years – must be down to the freshness of the eggs. Please thank your Ma and Pa.

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  1. will do, which recipe did you use? I quite fancy making it now! as you can imagine we’re always on the lookout for recipes that use a lot of eggs!

  2. The only time I ever had Queen of Puddings was at St Oswalds…..and it was delicious. I loved Joan’s Sunday lunches….historic!

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