We keep running out of glasses

Our House ( not the song by madness ,but actually our house ) ,goes something like this ….last Thursday around lunchtime we were expecting 3 female 20 year old Italian students .I went out to see Adam’s exhibition and to play bingo, John was at work so Mike our next door neighbour was put on red alert .I came home ,house is quiet and John ,plus 3 male 18 year old Italian students are all tucked up in their respective beds . Over the weekend 2 female Italian students end up staying here as they are having a horrible time with their host family ,who have imposed a curfew ( out of the house between 9.30 and 15.30, then must be home by 10pm – I have never heard such nonsense before ) . I speak to the girls ,they are understandably very upset .Last night they move in with us . Ciro ,the Italian manager of the agency brings them , he’s in a rush cos Italy are playing Spain at 8pm .We watch the football – 14 penalties and Spain win ( not good when you have 5 Italians living in the house). They are from Florence .Florence comes home tonight .Now I’m confused.

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