We love Troon

Thank you to Florence and Simon for a fantastic pre Burns Night Glaswegian weekend .

By now they should have made their macaroni cheese pies and cranachan and should be preparing to welcome their guests starting with saying ‘The Selkirk Grace ‘

”Some hae meat and canna eat,

And some wad eat that want it,
But we hae meat and we can eat,
And sae the Lord be thankit.”Then they will …..Pipe in the haggis ( I’m sure someone has a recorder than can dig out – sounds similar ) Address the haggis Toast the haggis Eat the haggis and neaps and tatties ( and macaroni cheese pies ) Eat the Clootie Dumpling ( I thought that was a role I could adopt until I was informed it was a pudding ) and the cranachan Have the first entertainment Read Robbie’s ( Burns not Williams ) poemsHave heart-felt toast: To the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns!

Toast the lassies ( sod equal opps )

Have the final entertainment


Finish with Auld Lang Syne

Wish we were still there but we did lovely stuff too We got the train to Troon , we walked miles along the beach in the sunshine in Troon , had a cream tea in Troon , sat in the pub and played scrabble and contract Whist in Troon , had the best ever fish ,chips and mushies in Troon and then came back to Glasgow and went to ‘The Grand Ole Opry’ and had a ball .Where else can you go where you pay a fiver and get bingo, line-dancing, a raffle , very cheap drinks, live music and an actual shoot-out ? With relief we left before the raising of the Confederate Flag ( sod equal opps again )

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