We LOVE West Wittering

It was too good to be true…..and now her protest has begun .

Emerald refuses to open her back door , but that is not stopping us …we are going to the seaside.

To the place where Helen and Rosie panicked when their blow-up canoe tipped over in 3inches of water -I recall the whole beach heard them .

I think that was the time before we lost Tim on the beach and were just at the point we were about to panic.

Or maybe it was the time after Florence,Rosie and Helen did a car-park-field-disco ,using CDs in the car and when it was time to leave ,the car battery was flat and we had to wait an hour for the RAC – Mr Farmer was not happy .

Or the time before when we were the last last to leave ( as we mislaid a quoit and were looking for it ) and had to pay Mr Farmer a £10 fine .

3 Replies to “We LOVE West Wittering”

  1. Such wonderful memories!

    And at least Emerald has personality, I imagine you’d hate it if she was a bland, compliant old girl.

  2. Wasn’t it also at WW that you met the wonderful Anton Du Beke?
    Was his hair immaculate as usual? Was he wearing tails and a bow tie????
    (How many question marks can I type?????????)

  3. No Anton and I bonded over our one pound coins being rejected in the pay and display machine at BB……….
    Burnham Beeches – that was just before he got me in a pasa doble hold and thrust his big red rose between my teeth !

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