We met the Dean today .

I’m pooped..just off to point my toes. Today was lovely and busy and positive and sad. Thanks to EVERYONE who came to Rosie’s exhibition. John shot of there early on his scooter , meanwhile Jacob, Flo and I drove down to Northfields station. On the way , Jacob spotted a man lying in the road , so……we pulled in , and did our First Aid ( ie ignored everything i’d done on my course , stood him up and got him to walk , supported by us ). we managed to get 95yr old Terry home, open his frontdoor, settle him down , make him drink hot sweet tea ( seen that on casualty )and call his daughter, who came over… then we shot off to Chelsea.Rosie would have LOVED today , she should be here – it’s all wrong.

Thanks for the Radio London link , i don’t think my cringeometer will let me listen to it at the moment.

last chance to come to the exhibition tomo xx

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  1. Had a lovely time last night, havent felt that close to Rosie in a long time.
    Photos are now on fb, get flo or af to show you, and I’ll send a cd very soon!
    thinking of you all xx

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